The Caveman’s Command Post

Four-time world Xterra champion Conrad Stoltz races off-road triathlon with a Specialized Command Post remote seatpost because it helps him Ride (capital R) better.

“I’m 185 pounds, so 200 grams is not going to make a big difference,” Conrad says. “I really like the way I’ve been able to go through the corners faster and safer, and just handle the bike better.”


— — —

I’ve been using the Specialized Command Post for a number of years now- usually on the more technical XTERRA courses with limited climbing- supposedly the “extra weight” is bad for climbing. However, earlier this summer I did a few skills clinics with Bike Kung Fu Master Lee McCormack.

Thats where I REALLY learnt to use the Command Post properly. Its basically a drop seat post: with a push of the button on the handle bar, you can lower the saddle height. The button pops back up again when you’re ready to pedal. Commonly used by Free riders and usually associated with baggie pants in earthy colours, peak helmets, hairy legs and 5 inch suspension.

Enter the Caveman …

— — —

Right on Conrad!

I really enjoyed teaching this super athlete (and nice guy) some MTB kung fu. I’m glad to see he’s having fun (and putting in some fast bike splits!).

“… hairy legs and 5 inch suspension.” … wait a sec, are you talking about me?

Check out this video about the Command Post:

And watch Conrad pre-ride (pre-rip?) the Xterra worlds course in Maui. He put in a great ride and finished third overall.

AND! Watch him rally the lower Valmont pump track during our kung fu session.

Know more. Have more fun!

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