Suspension damping for trail riding

How do you like to set rebound and compression on standard trails? Mine are minimum rebound and minimum compression.
Cheers, Martyn

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Hey Martyn,

This is a personal thing. If your bike isn’t bottoming, and it doesn’t feel bouncy, you’re probably fine.

Rebound: I run it almost as fast as it will go, just shy of bouncing back.

Compression: I used to run as little as possible; now I run my bikes almost as stiff as they will go. On my Enduro SL with FOX RP23, I usually descend with the ProPedal at full setting. It feels more stable and controlled than at the soft setting. (Note: I do rocky climbs in the lowest ProPedal setting; it hooks up better.) On my Demo 8 with FOX DHX 5.0, I run the ProPedal around the middle setting, the boost chamber up at 170 and the chamber dialed all the way in for a progressive spring curve.

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