Rigid fork for pump track action?

What are your thoughts on a rigid front fork for a dedicated pump track bike? I’m thinking that a rigid fork (like a DMR Trailblade 2) would be better for pump track riding than even a stiff suspension fork. Thoughts?

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Rigid bikes are theoretically faster on pump tracks, but I gotta say: My SX just plain rails corners.


If your track is perfectly groomed, a fully rigid bike (maybe even a single speed!) would be awesome.

It would be very, very efficient. When I timed 100 laps in my old back yard, my P.3 hardtail was about 10 percent faster than my SX suspension bike. That’s a big difference, and I imagine a rigid fork would shave off another few percent.

If your track isn’t perfect, or you rock your bike in other situations, I vote for a suspension fork. You could use a lockout on your pump track, but I’ve tried that on both the P.3 and the SX, and I prefer the forks in the open mode — because that’s what I’m used to.

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