FOX ProPedal and suspension bracketing

Hey Lee,
I saw the ProPedal on my FOX DHX 5.0. What does this do?

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Hey Zach,

ProPedal is FOX’s pedal platform. It controls the first part of your compression stroke. This lets you:

– Reduce or eliminate pedal bob (within the limits of your suspension design).

– Dial your ride to be plush, firm or anywhere in between.

From a pedaling standpoint: I start with minimal ProPedal and add clicks until the bike barely bobs when I sprint.

From a plushness standpoint: I used to run my bikes as plush as possible, but now that I’m going faster I find I need more control. Your DH bike with low ProPedal is like a Cadillac on a mountain road; it’s plush, but if you push too hard it wallows everywhere. The same bike with high ProPedal is like a Corvette; quick and precise, but more punishing. You have to be strong and skilled to rock it.

Your ideal setting is a function of the terrain, your riding style and your strength. I suggest running just enough ProPedal to make your bike feel efficient and controlled.

When Mark Fitzsimmons at FOX sets up pros’ bikes, he frequently uses a technique called bracketing. It’s like getting an eye exam. Start at the extremes and work your way systematically to your ideal setting.

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