Manuals: Help, I’m tipping over!

Hey Lee,

Love your site and the book, great work on both mate.

I guess this has probably been done to death but im having alot of trouble with manuals and wheelies. Getting the front up and balancing front to back is easy, my problem is I always tip over sideways! People say move your hips and stuff, which ive tried…but once I start to go I just cant correct it.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Ash

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Hey Ash,

Sounds like you’re tense. If you can ride a bike, you have a fine sense of balance. Tension prevents your body from doing its thing.

– Make sure both arms are completely straight. This is key — pay attention.

– Relax and hang backward off the bars.

– If your bike leans to one side, try turning your bars that way. The gyroscopic effect might help straighten you up.


— Lee

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