Slalom drills vs. figure 8 drills?

What’s up Lee,
I just wanted to get your opinion on slalom drills through a row of cones on a flat surface. How does this type of drill compare to figure 8’s as far as development of cornering, pumping turns, and left hand turns? Is there anything beneficial to adding this drill to practice time or does it just get trumped by figure 8’s?


I often include slalom drills in my clinics — especially for roadies. Victoria takes a break from her Triple Bypass training to rip my vintage GT cruiser.

Hey Keoni,

Awesome question. So much more satisfying than “Which shock should I put on my frame” or “my brand new DH brakes make my back tire skid — what should I upgrade to?”

Both figure 8s and slaloms are valuable.

They teach you different, but complimentary, things:

Figure 8: Long, drawn out turns. Deep lean angles. Expanding your range of motion. Huge, exaggerated transitions. Think of that extra-tight switchback on your favorite trail.

Slalom: Quicker, flowier turns. Faster transitions. Pumping. Carrying speed. Imagine flitting through the woods like a forest pixie. A badass one.

A well rounded rider can rip both types of turns.

Mix it up!

— Lee

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