Ripping with The Kid and his bro’s

My kid Ian started riding bikes last March. At the time, it was mostly a way to avoid playing baseball, but he’s become a solid rider — and he’s gotten some of his buddies into Pump Track Nation.

Last weekend at The Fix in Boulder, CO. Photos by JJ Barber.

Impromptu physics discussion on the roll-in.

Stefan lays into a berm on the mighty P.3.

Jake with some manual action.

Ian rocks the pump on my brand new Intense Factory Alloy 20.

I’m planning an after-school program for these dudes. I look forward to getting them dialed.

Adolescence + Pump = Muscles
The below photo was made when Ian and I started riding in March. Ian looks a lot fiercer in the above photo, eh?

Ian on the 1992 GT cruiser. This kid definitely prefers BMX bikes to mountain bikes.

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