Race Into Shape?

Hi Lee;
After reading your book last fall I feel I made some significant progress towards the end of last year. I set some goals for myself including doing as much XC racing (and hopefully some DS) as my schedule allows (2 kids + working lots of hours). I noticed one of the local race series in my area kicks off this weekend. I am debating whether to enter or not.

My physical activity for the winter was limited to about 25 days of snowboarding, a few trail runs and hikes with my dog, and 2 road rides. Any thoughts if I should just go ahead and enter (Beginner Class) and see how it goes or should I wait until I am better prepared before starting racing?


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Hey Bill,

It all depends on your goals.

If you want to get out and enjoy the experience, see where you are, get a great workout, etc., I say rock it.

If you’re racing for external validation (ie destroying others) you better wait ’til you’re super-fit

FYI: I’ll bet you’re in decent shape. Snowboarding is great for power and reflexes. Maintain a mellow pace and use that power for passing and braaaping.

If you decide to enjoy the experience, have fun. If you decide to pursue External Validation, good luck with that. That’s a tough way to live — and having spent most of my life pushing that stone up the hill, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

You know my vote …


— Lee

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