Stoked on the book

Great book Lee, read it cover to cover, got off the bikes for a couple years thought I’d see what I missed! I never expected to learn so much or to see how many things I had been doing the wrong way for so long.

I just picked up a new Specialized Enduro SL and took it straight out to Noble Canyon (San Diego, CA), thought I was going to die! Felt every one of my 36 years. Turns out coming back slowly into it may have been smarter, so I got your book. Went out to Anderson truck trail yesterday, road straight up the f*er 6 miles worth turned around and bombed it back down giggling like a school girl the whole time! Sounded like I was being chased by a gang of wild turkeys (Juicy 7’s) but it was fun as hell.

Take it easy. Stuart in SD_CA

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Stuart, thanks for your note brother. It’s great knowing people are stoked on the book — making that thing just about killed me!

Totally worth it: Over 20k sold in four languages …

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Have I said BRAAAP?

— Lee

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  1. Tony says:

    just read in MBA a resolution for the avid squeals…try running organic pads. they even recc’d trying one organic and one metalic if you didn’t want too much loss in braking power (with the caveat that you have to keep a close eye on wear).

    nothing worse than a gaggle of turkeys following you down the trail…

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