Stoked on the book

Great book Lee, read it cover to cover, got off the bikes for a couple years thought I’d see what I missed! I never expected to learn so much or to see how many things I had been doing the wrong way for so long.

I just picked up a new Specialized Enduro SL and took it straight out to Noble Canyon (San Diego, CA), thought I was going to die! Felt every one of my 36 years. Turns out coming back slowly into it may have been smarter, so I got your book. Went out to Anderson truck trail yesterday, road straight up the f*er 6 miles worth turned around and bombed it back down giggling like a school girl the whole time! Sounded like I was being chased by a gang of wild turkeys (Juicy 7’s) but it was fun as hell.

Take it easy. Stuart in SD_CA

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Stuart, thanks for your note brother. It’s great knowing people are stoked on the book — making that thing just about killed me!

Totally worth it: Over 20k sold in four languages …

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

Have I said BRAAAP?

— Lee

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