Enduro sizing for 6’4″ rider

Hello Lee,

I am currently in the market for a Specialized Enduro Pro and was wondering if you could help me out with sizing. I am 6″4′ and my previous bike was a rocky mountain slayer 20.5 with a top tube length of 620mm.

That bike felt almost a little big for riding on the crazier downhills up in Whistler. I currently live in San Fran but was raised in Whistler (where I still do some riding) and I can’t decide what size of Enduro frame to go with. Either the Large, or the XL.

The problem is that where I am right now (interior of BC) there are no shops carrying the bike and they say I need to order it. When I called around within a 100 mile radius, nobody has any that I can ride to get a feel for it. Based on this, what size would you recomend? You help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Very Much, Adam Smythe

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Hi Adam,

The XL Enduro Pro has a top tube of 638mm. The L has a top tube of 606mm.

I’ll tell you this:

If you want to roll the XC/trail style, the XL will give you a more stretched out position and make you more comfortable going up.

If you want to emphasize the downhill braaap, rock the L.

I’m 5’9″ and I ride a medium.


— Lee

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