High-altitude jetting for trail moto?

hey lee, wondering what you did to you 250x to make it run better at high altitude. we took the babes to switzerland trail and i think it’s time to get them better jetting for the mountains. who did the work for you? and do you know what exactly was done? also did you modify the rear tail light to add a brake light?
hope all is well

Braaping at 8,000 feet.

Hi Carol,

I actually ride a Honda CRF 250R for motocross and a CRF 450X for trail.

After few years of experimentation and destruction, the 450X is pretty much dialed in.

Jetting: Buy a JD Jetting kit. For $75.95, you get a set of jets and a manual explaining how to set your bike up from sea level to 12,000 feet. Accurate jetting is especially important on the smaller bike. www.jdjetting.com

Lights: I do have a brake light installed. My bike is titled — “Rocky Mountain street legal.”

Also read: Honda CRF450X modifications


— Lee

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