2009 P. Bike vs. P. All Mountain?

I was wondering what the difference was between a Specialized P. bike and a Specialized P. All Mountain. I’m looking to purchase a new bike and I was recommended these, but I’m not sure which suits me better. Thanks a lot.

Hey Eli,

While the older P. Bike is works well for both pump/jump/park and street/trail, the 2009 models are optimized for two different riding styles.

The new P. Bikes are even better suited to aggro riding. The rear ends and front travel are getting even shorter — they are becoming more like BMX bikes. While you can ride the new P. Bikes anywhere, the short seat tubes and narrow gearing will limit your range.

The P. All Mountain is designed as more of a general street and trail bike. The longer seat tube and more gears extend its range and versaility, but the higher standover clearance will limit your aggro riding. Also: The P. All Mountain is less expensive than the P. Bike — perfect for younger riders.

2009 P.3. This is rad.

2009 P. All Mountain Disc. This is a whole lot of bike for $590.


If you want to rock mostly pump, jump and park, get the P. Bike.

If you want to ride around town and rip some trails (and you have a limited budget), get the P. All Mountain.


– Lee

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  1. chris quain says:

    The P all Mountain looks very similar in geometry to the original specialized P.3. That bike was cool.

  2. Joel says:

    The P all mountain is basically last years Rock Hopper, so I definitely agree with Lee’s advice. Go with the P. bike for jumping

  3. Ro says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing, I want a hard tail to pump and jump, but would like to be able to use as a spare trail bike, I’m 6’5″ I think the p jump bike is too small, what sort of hadangle is best for jumping? is it good to have a shorter or longer top tube for jumping?

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Most modern dirt jump bikes have 69-degree head angles.

    Shorter bikes tend to be better for jump/pump. Longer ones tend to work better for trail. Find a good middle ground and rock it.

    Since you’re 6’5″, you’ll want the longest DJ bike you can find … or a 21″ or 24″ P. All Mountain.

  5. Dave says:

    I have a 2008 P. All mountain and I really like it. I just looked at the 2009 online and was a bit disappointed to see they have taken away all the good components the 2008 came with. Mine has Marzocci forks, avid juicy 3’s and SRAM X9 rear and X7 front. Also don’t see a bash guard on the new bike. Guess they are trying to offer it at a lower price.

    Glad i got mine last year

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