Is cornering unique on a sketchy CX course?


One quick question: Cyclocross is starting up, and my CX skills are better than ever because of our work with the MTB! But I was wondering, in deep mud or sand, should I just corner the same way that I do under good conditions (for example, screwing the bike), or is there a different technique for mud or sand?



I’m glad our LLB remote MTB coaching is helping your cyclocross. Shredding is shredding.

Sir Steve Peat, world downhill champion and all-around cool guy, told me to ride the same way no matter the conditions. He trains in the wet UK, and he told me he finds loose SoCal dust sketchier than mud. Funny, but he advises riding with the same technique and aggression all the time.

I agree.

Foot out on off camber, slick grass but it’s a turn like any other.

Screw your bike into the ground. This movement includes leaning the bike, loading the tires and rotating your body in the direction you want to go. Every turn. Every time.

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One exception: If the sand is bottomless (so deep you can’t press down and connect with firm ground), stay balanced and keep your weight neutral.

Tell us how your CX season goes!


Know more. Have more fun!

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