Which size Evil Insurgent should I get?

Hey Lee! I was wondering if I could tap into your bike fitment expertise? I am looking at getting an Evil Insurgent, and I feel like I am right between a L and XL. Any tips or input would be greatly appreciated! I am 6’2″ tall with normal proportions. I like to ride DH and aggressive trail.

James O.


This is a common issue! It can be hard to know what size frame to buy, and it sucks to spend thousands of dollars on a bike that doesn’t fit your body and riding style.

That’s one reason I’ve published the RideLogic Bike Setup System and why I offer a $50 remote consultation. With the remote consult I help you decide which frame to buy, and I make bar and stem suggestions that stand up to reason. If you already have a bike, I’ll help you dial it in for your body and riding style.

Learn more here: RideLogic Bike Setup System >>>

Here’s an example:

Pro enduro racer Peter Hartwig needed help dialing in his current bike, “Sabrina” the large Yeti SB5.5c, and he wanted to know how to set up his new large SB6c. I ran the calculations and gave him two recommendations for each bike: one “enduro” style and one “trail” style. An enduro setup places the bars higher and closer for optimal handling in the gnar. A trail setup puts them a bit lower and farther away for a more balanced feel on normal terrain. Thanks to this, Peter doesn’t have to guess: He knows exactly which stem and bars to get, and how many spacers to put below the stem.

Here’s the document I sent to him. It shows the kind of info remote setup clients can expect to receive.

OK! Let’s plug you into the RideLogic Rider and Bike Calculator and see what we learn:

Bikes these days are getting longer. While the Insurgent’s numbers seem crazy, they are exactly on par with Enduros of the same size. That’s just the way it’s going.

“Two wheeled death machine,” Evil calls its Insurgent.

The XL is so long the only setups you can create would work best for XC and trail riding. That’s fine, but I think you’ll want a shorter, higher cockpit.

The L gives you the freedom to create a trail-style cockpit with a 55mm stem or dial in a more enduro-style cockpit with a 35mm stem.

My suggestion: A skilled rider can rip on pretty much any setup, but I want you to get the most dialed bike possible for your money. I suggest the large with a 35mm stem and tall (50mm) bars. This will bring the grips high enough to fit your tallness and close enough for you to shred like a boss.

I emailed you a spreadsheet detailing a few possible setups, and I sent you a link showing you how to easily double-check your setup on the bike.

Tell us how it goes!


Learn more here: RideLogic Bike Setup System >>>

Know more. Have more fun!

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