Ideal bike for Whistler (again)


It is that time of the year…getting prepped for Whistler and my riding season. I am having a hard time identifying what the best bike would be for whistler. I am trying to decide between an SX Trail or the Demo 7. Could you let me know how you would approach this decision?


Those are both awesome, versatile bikes. Here’s a simple way to differentiate them:

– If you pedal up mountains, rock the SX Trail.

– If you ride lifts up mountains, rock the Demo 7.

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Rock indeed.

— Lee

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  1. Dan Corley says:

    Lee, rode the pump track/dirt park @ Lory State Park today, and all I’ve got to say is…WOW! Loads o’ fun, love the different lines in the pump track, will have to pack the inside lines down a ton, the perimeter rhythm sections so much fun though. The skill park area will be great for my 5 yr old, and I even rocked some of the berms at speed, trying to work on my attack position. The jump lines were great as well. As a new dj’er, it is nice to have multiple lines to work up to. The big, err, BIG line is impressive, something to aspire to! Anyways, downloaded your book, and look forward to putting together a proposal for my town, (Parker). Good luck BMX’ing, will you be coming to any MSC races this summer?


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