Coil shock on Enduro?

Hi Lee!

I have a 2007 base level Enduro. I recently have gotten into jumping and I think I want to change out
the rear shock from a DHX air 3.0 to a DHX 5.0 coil. Is this possible? A guy at a bike shop said that the lower end Enduro is actually a different frame from the higher ends and he’s not sure if it will accept that much travel. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated!


Hey Andrew,

1. What the heck are you thinking? A coil shock will not help you jump. If you think you are out-riding your stock shock, I have some swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you.

2. As for the meatball at your local shop, this is not a question of travel. It’s a matter of getting an aftermarket shock that matches the eye-to-eye and stroke of your stock shock, and that will fit into the frame.

3. I believe you can get a DHX coil to fit your Enduro frame. Read the comments on this post:

Aftermarket shock for 2006 Enduro

Not sure why you’re bothering. Don’t think for a second that newer/better parts will magically make everything perfect. Your bike is great:

1. Set it up correctly.

2. Learn to ride it.

— Lee

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