Aftermarket shock for 2006 Enduro?

Hey Lee
I have your book and look through it and your website almost daily. Really appreciate all you bring to the sport.

I was influenced in getting a 06 enduro(elite) from your book.When I test rode it I was sold.I have not been sorry since, I love it.

My question is about the DHX4.0 shock. The ProPedal was no longer working so I send it back to Fox through my bike shop.I was thinking about getting a spare to keep from having any down time.I then considered Push industries and getting a DHX coil shock and having them tune it.I was told by Push that DHXair was custom made for the enduro and that no other shock will fit the enduro.Is this true? and am I really left with no other options for my bike?


Rocking the mighty Enduro at Hall Ranch in Lyons, CO. On this rocky trail, the PUSH tune made a huge difference from stock.

Hey Shawn,

As I recall, the DHX coil shock won’t fit that frame. Not without filing away part of the frame … bad idea!

My Enduro had a PUSHED RP3 air shock, and that thing was amazing. The PUSH internals allow much greater oil flow, and the custom valving made a huge difference on high speed, square-edged bumps. Instead of rat-tat-tatting, the bike just puuuuuuuushed through.

PUSH sells custom tuned RP23s (with the same external dimensions as the old RP3), and I’ll bet you can get one to fit your Enduro. If you ride faster/harder than average, I pretty much guarantee a PUSHed RP23 will out-ride your DHX Air. The way the RP23 is designed, it allows greater tunability than the DHX platform. You’ll notice that PUSH sells RP23s and not DHXes.


— Lee

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  1. Scott says:

    PUSH will also modify a 8.75″ x 2.75″ DHX, Vanilla RC, or ROCO to fit on the Enduro. I just purchased a Vanilla RC and will be putting it on soon. Just need to figure out how to get the DU bushings out.

  2. Troy Cooperman says:

    I have a 06 Enduro Elite, after the second time blowing up the DHX 4.0 / 5.0 body air shock (doesn’t seem to like BIG Moab drops) I’ve now a 5.0 DHX coil and it fits just fine . You CAN NOT how ever put a pump on the valve after it is mounted so set your presure before you instal. And what fun it is to instal as there are 6 spacers/bushings on the bottom mount alone. Good luck if you would like to see pictures of the instal get me your e-mail some how. Coop

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks Coop.

    Now I’m remembering — Mark Weir had a DHX on his older (2002-2005) style Enduro, and some filing was involved.

  4. Piers Samson says:

    I put a dhx 5 air on my 2005 enduro pro… you can’t pump up the boost valve but it fits using the frame mount that gives you the slack fork angle… I love it… everything about is better than the old 5th element coil… much more reliable
    there is a special one you can get without the valve for the reservoir but it doesn’t seem to matter to me as I just turn the compression dampening

  5. Troy Cooperman says:

    Well thanks there Lee. Some of the Enduro SX models, I think, come with a DHX coil 4.0 it doesn’t have the boost valve because as in my case you can not get the pump on. But the 5.0 fits, atleast on my Elite it does, no filling required. Will be Pushing it soon love there work!!!! PS Lee looks like there going to have that jeti masters pro class next year. Maybe we can get you to race a bit more if your not coaching? Coop

  6. Shawn Lauck says:

    I have ordered a DHX coil from push.I should be getting it in a couple of weeks.Thats the same amount of time for the turn around from Fox on the stock DHXair I sent in.Fox has a week head start,well see which one gets here first.I have read several threads on the turn-around from the 2 companys.I am hoping on Fox(bike shop)estimate so I can make a plan trip to a up state bike trail the 23.
    Thanks for the responses.If I have trouble with install Coop I’ll be sure to try to contact you.

  7. Luka says:

    Standard DHX 8,75×2,5 shock fits without problems, but you must run slack shock shuttle (otherwise boost valve contacts the frame). When filling Boost chamber you simply remove the shock from front mount.

    See Mtbr forum for detailed info.

  8. Jasper says:

    Troy Cooperman, what size DHX coil do you run on your elite?

    I have the Enduro Elite 2006 and finding the DHX Air a bit weak in the mid stroke.
    is there any frame/link contact?

    thanks Jasper

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