Enduro, I mean advanced trailriding, clinic No. 1

The first Lee Likes Bikes Enduro™ clinic was awesome, but very few of the riders cared about Enduro or wanted to do any official Enduro-ing. They just wanted to learn advanced riding skills, which was super cool with me.

On March 29 we got lucky with a really cool group of riders.

In four hours we worked on:

• Position
• Braking
• Cornering
• Advanced cornering
• Pumping
• Advanced pumping
• Dropping
• Jumping!

Thanks to Lester Pardoe for the photos.

This turn on the upper pump track is tricky. Step 1: Enter high and wide.

Step 2: Look through the turn, all the way to the next entrance. Kevin Stiffler, who’s now a Lee Likes Bikes coach, demonstrates perfect vision.

Team teaching: I lecture. Kevin rails.

Great vision on the entrance.

Great vision on the exit.

Is it even legal to rail this hard? Coach Kevin digs in.

Pushing into the belly of the berm. See the tires drifting just a bit?

OK, so you get real low, like this …

Acting crazy. Also talking about the importance of upper body pull and lower body push. Check out the F6.

Nice form in the rollers.

If you’re Enduro-ing for real, you gotta stay super low so you can get on the ground and lay down the power ASAP.

Yep! Nice drop by Paul.

Valmont Bike Park: Not a bad place!

The next enduro clinic is set for May 24. Come out if you want to learn advanced trail riding skills — or if you want to cut time off your race runs. Pre-season enduro clinics, in partnership with Big Mountain Enduro

Know more. Have more fun!

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3 replies
  1. agleck7 says:

    Any thoughts on the difference in hip turn between you and Kevin in the berm pictures (his hips are really corked towards the exit)? Looking again I see it’s a different corner, so maybe that was a factor?


  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Eagle eyes.

    • Kevin’s in a 180. I’m in a 90.

    • He’s edging more than pumping. I’m pumping more than edging. It looks like I’m pushing more perpendicularly to the surface. Easier to do in a 90, because you can focus your pump over a shorter distance.

    • I also believe he’s driving fully into the outside foot, while I’m a bit more centered on both feet. That’s a function of pumping more than edging.

    We both get through these turns just fine. It’s interesting to see how different riders make it happen.


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