Drops: Staying on flat pedals


I am learning to ride flats after 13 years of clip-in pedals. Things are going pretty well except I often totally lose contact with the pedals on sizable drop offs. I am trying to keep the front pedal pointed at 2PM and the rear pedal pointed down, but I still lose contact. Any advice? What am I doing wrong?


I took off super low. Now I’m slowly extending onto the landing. North Vancouver 2004.

Hi John.

Sounds like you’re stiffening your legs. The key to riding flats is letting your feet move with the bike — or moving the bike with your feet.

On a drop you want to take off very low on your bike (with legs bent) then, as you fly through the air, slowly extend your legs. This both lowers your landing gear and keeps your feet pressing on your pedals.

Bunny hops are great practice.

Let me know how it goes.

— Lee

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