Do I need an instructor?

Hey Lee,

I’ve been looking at your website a little bit, and you seem to really understand how to coach mountain biking. I live in the Bay Area (south of San Fransisco, CA), and was wondering if you know of any good instructors in the area. Also, if not, in your opinion do you think it is possible for me to teach myself using your book or do I really need an instructor?


Hey Caleb,

Thanks for the kind words. I’m really stoked with my teaching these days; everything is getting more and more dialed.

Now that I’m the skills development director for the national high school mountain bike racing league, I’m working to document my curriculum and get it out there. Hopefully some day instructors everywhere will be teaching my kung fu.

Sorry, I can’t recommend an instructor. But: I will be in the Bay Area this October to train the Norcal high school MTB coaches. I hope to teach public clinics while I’m there. Keep an eye on the site.

Do you need an instructor?
That’s a great question. Some thoughts:

– Nobody needs any of this. But we sure want it.

– Many people — 60,000 and counting — have learned a lot from the book. If you’re able to learn by reading and/or looking at images, definitely get the book. Study the moves. Practice them one at a time. Rip. The book is so inexpensive, there’s no reason not to get it.

– Everyone I’ve ever worked with — from first timers to pros — benefits from eyes-and-hands-on instruction. Every rider is different, and it’s valuable to have a qualified instructor watch you ride and give you the specific direction you need.

– As a matter of fact, expert riders tend to benefit even more than beginners. Experts have bases of fitness and skill, but they’re held back by bad habits that I identify and fix.

My vote: Get MMBSii and rip it up. Let’s clinic it up next time I’m in Norcal.


— Lee

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