DJ and FR: HT or DS?

hey lee,
i’m thinking about buying a bike (mainly for jumps and drop offs), should i buy a hardtail or a bike with front and back suspension.

NorCal’s Taylor Calvert boosts his hardtail back when he was a wee tot.


– You get better, lighter, stronger components for the same price.

– Nimbler, more responsive ride.

– Strongly encourages you to learn good technique.

Give ‘er!

— Lee

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  1. Robbie says:

    hey lee,
    thanks for that. i live in Australia so all of the American brands mightnt be available. What brand would you recommend? Is giant good?

  2. Josh130 says:

    My Giant STP was probably my favorite bike until I made it explode (not that they are weak I’m just a sucker for used parts and a lousy mechanic).

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