Seat adjustment and bearings on SX Trail?

I am considering purchasing an SX Trail Frame and I would like to hear your thoughts on the durability of the Specialized Pivot Bearings and the seat height adjustability with the interrupted seat tube design. The SX looks like there might be 4 inches or so of adjustment. I currently ride an 03 5 Spot that I love. I really like the bushing pivots. BTW, you have a great website and I appreciate all the info you out out.


Hi John.

I’ve had zero problems with the bearings. Each of my Specialized Enduros, Demos and SXes has seen an average of two full years of use. I ride almost every day, in every situation you can think of, in some crazy Colorado conditions (rain, sand, mud, snow). When I pass the bikes to their next rider, they’re in great shape.

For me, the Enduro/SX Trail has plenty of adjustment. My XC height is 28.5 inches — that gets me down to about 24.5 inches, which is lower than my DH race height. I run a Gravity Dropper or Maverick Speedball; the 3-4 inches of on-the-fly adjustment is plenty for most days; I only drop the post in the frame on special occasions — usually dirt jumping.

Nothing wrong with the Tuner 5 Spot. I’ve ridden Steve Wentz’s, and it rips. The SX Trail is just another step bigger/faster/radder.

Hope this helps,

— Lee