The President masters his mountain bike skills

As you might know, President George Bush is an avid mountain biker. Through a complicated network of friends, colleagues and family members, the leader of the free world recently received a signed copy of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, along with a note offering a free clinic. This just in from Washington:

That’s the handwriting of a man in a hurry.

Dear Lee,

Thank you for
the mountain bike book.
You were kind to think
of me. I’m always
ready to improve (although
it may be hard to teach
an old dog ……).

Ride on —

Pump Track Worlds at the Crawford Ranch …

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  1. eric says:

    I hope thats not what Saddam sees when he recieves threats. He must not know what the Americans were writing, so naturally, he must ignore them or get a sloppy handwriting interpreter!

  2. jack says:

    Stop licking arse. George bush is a fool and a puppet. Also $50 says that wasn’t written by him but one of his underlings.

  3. Scott says:

    Don’t let anyone take away your pride…Bush may be a sap to some but he’s still the most powerful man in the world. I’d love to hear about the class with W.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Not only Air Force 1 — but imagine the helicopters … and amphibious vehicles … oh my. I think I should become the president.


    “Today President McCormack invited all world leaders for a pump session at his ranch, and now everyone gets along great.”

  5. chris says:

    I just Googled images of George Bush’s signature, and the one sent to Lee looks genuine. Plus, if ten years working for the government has taught me one thing, it is that the higher up the person, the more illegible is the writing! Chris.

  6. Al says:

    That was a cool thing to do.

    – Jack, save your $50 and buy your meds, the all natural solutions never work on paranoid schitzophrenics. fyi.

  7. Rip Ripley says:


    Not only are you the best coach in the free world ,but now you can claim to be the coach of the most powerful man in the free world. I would love to see all the secret service guys in Lefthand. They would feel right at home. Regardless of any politics you should be proud, and if the long black limo pulls up to the pump track at the house let me know. I still bet Lopes could take him in a 20 lap race.

  8. Biscuit says:

    Like him or not.. that is friggin sweeeeeeeeet!

    I think my favorite part is how the letterhead reads:

  9. 29MonkeyMan says:

    Nice to see that George is “always ready to improve”. Following that reasoning, you would think he would slow down and write legibly. If his ‘readin’ is anything like his ‘rightin’ it’s no wonder Condi has to read memos to him.

    Next up, perhaps George can improve his skills of listening to evidence instead of deciding a policy then filtering out everything that doesn’t fit the policy.

  10. brent says:


    “Today President McCormack invited all world leaders for a pump session at his ranch, and now everyone gets along great.”

    Nice one Lee, I laughed my arse off!

  11. Denise says:

    MTB’g is not about politics – it’s about cool people sharing cool rides. If it were about politics I’d never make it through a ride in Ned…… Lee – this is AWESOME! We can all Ride On!

  12. Craig says:

    Agree with most folks here, this is some freakin cool stuff to share. The others need to chill & take their politicofomenting elsewhere, this is a mtb site. Frame that letter for your office and show your grandkids someday. Maybe the Prez will come pump track out West someday….

  13. Michael LaFlow says:

    Hey, it’s not about the bike (it’s a Fuel), its about Finding the Flow! Dubya definitely has not found it (he won’t let anyone get ahead of him when he rides) but if anyone can help him it’s our Prez of Pump! Keep going – use those six degrees to reach more world leaders!

  14. zweirad says:

    Riding mountain bikes is the only thing I like about W. I’m glad you’re encouraging him to do positive things. Sending W the book is a great idea. Maybe he’ll actually read it and put it to use when he’s on two wheels. Now if we could get Cheney on a bike I wouldn’t be so worried about the future…

  15. Nige says:

    Isent he mates with Lance it would explain his ride.

    Nice work Lee I’m still stoked with my book signed by you and Brian Lopes.

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