Built: Lory State Park bike park

Super cool! The Corral Center Mountain Bike Park at Lory State Park near Fort Collins, CO, is built and ready to ride. Session this Saturday …

This is the first facility of its kind on public land, at least in Colorado. Steve Wentz and I worked with trail contractor Greg Mazu and park manager Kathy Sieple. Steve and I did the design, I did the documentation, and Steve did the building. The area has:

– A fenced off skills area for beginners. They can practice corners, rollers, jumps, ups, downs, logs, bridges and even a teeter.

– A HUGE pump track. The outside straights each have eight rollers, spaced for speed. One internal line has seven sweet turns, and the other has two “snails” — full 360-degree berms that you rail then pump/jump out of. Crazy.

– Three lines of dirt jumps. They’re all rollable and safe. A range of sizes will keep most riders busy — and stoked!

Full report and photos soon.

The weather was terrible yesterday, but we visited the park for the final handoff — and we had to ride, at least a little bit.

This Saturday is Jon Watt’s birthday. If the ground is dry, we’re doing a mega riding session. Come on out!

Holy pump track, Batman!

Steve works a half-frozen straight.

Behold the Snail! Steve does his best in tough conditions.

Steve rocks the intermediate line. Behind him is the last beginner table and the berm that spits you back toward the roll-in.

Second intermediate table. The first ‘advanced’ table is in the background — along with Rufus Special Boy.

The intermediate line splits then rails berms back toward the start.

Sketchy! I had to give it a try. After envisioning this in a graphics program, it was cool to see it in real life.

Admission is $5 per vehicle. Such a deal.

Lory State Park is located northwest of Fort Collins, CO. Take U.S. 287 north from Ft. Collins through LaPorte, then turn left at the Bellvue Exit onto County Road 23N. Turn left again, go 1.4 miles and take a right on County Road 25G. Drive another 1.6 miles to the park entrance.

For park info go to the Colorado State Park website

To build your own riding paradise, email Lee at lee@leelikesbikes.com

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