Stupid human tricks, part 1

Here are two ways to ruin some perfectly good exercises:

Turning yoga into something … horrible

The Sun Salutation is one of the core sequences in yoga. It’s a great warmup for more advanced poses, and it can be a great workout by itself. In 12 postures you work most of your body: hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, glutes, calves, abs, back, chest, shoulders, back, arms and (if you do ’em right) your soul.

I don’t do ’em right. The other day it was raining, and I was too injured to lift weights. I found a clear space in my basement and churned out 100 Sun Salutations. It took over 40 minutes and ruined most of my body.

Learn about the sun salutation:

Turning pump into something … horrible

Meanwhile, Mark Weir has expanded his pump track 3X since I last rode there. He says all the options add up to a mile of trail. Crazy.

Today he installed a computer on his Santa Cruz Jackal pump bike. He rode 14 miles with an average speed of 11mph and a max of 22.4mph. All in circles around his back yard.

Learn more about Weir’s pump track:

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