Yummy turns

At Hall Ranch in Lyons, CO., you haul your carcass up sandstone ledges, spin along a valley then reach a meadow. To your left, Longs Peak pokes 14,255 feet through the North American Plate. In front of you, perfect corners wait to play hot potato with your bike.

You fade left, hook a water bar, fold right, water bar, left, water bar, right — hauling the mail by now — and boost off another water bar into a big left. It’s a singular moment: body low, bike high; setting your front wheel into the line, letting the rear wheel arc around. Plant the rear, pump the cupped berm and fold into the next right.

Turn, jump, turn.

Heavy, light, heavy.


We’ve zoomed through this section dozens of times, and today we finally photographed it.

Bobbi Watt rips it for like the 17th time. She doesn’t seem to mind. She loves her extra-small 2006 Enduro.

Bobbi is so hardcore: There’s a very surprised (and dead) bug on her upper lip.

Dude, I love bike riding.

Expression credit: “Hauling your carcass” and “hauling the mail” come from Mark Weir. He works for the government, creating expressions to confuse the people.

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