Colorado Rocky Mountain School teaching the leelikesbikes curriculum

Last weekend was sweet. I did two full days of clinics with the kids and instructors at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School in Carbondale, CO, and I gave the instructors the keys to teaching my curriculum.

I was too busy teaching to shoot, but I had to catch Coach Michael jumping his 29er. Smoothly, I might add.

I worked with coaches Michael, Eric and Darryl last June. They’ve been sharing their new kung fu with their students, and everyone is riding better than ever. Last weekend I went out there to help them step it up even more — from both the riding and instructional standpoints.

Saturday morning: Beginner kids. Cockpit utilization and attack position. Braking. Fore-aft control as applied to getting up and down curbs.

Saturday afternoon: Advanced kids. Revisit attack position. Rock the core cornering sequence. Play with extreme weight-forward cornering on off-camber gravel (sick drifts!). Dial in everyone’s pump and jump. Even the dudes who were going huge admitted it was helpful. And Coach Michael dialed in some good sized doubles (on a 29er). Stoked!

Sunday all day: Instructors. We started with a classroom presentation, where I laid out the philosophy and progression, then we stepped through the core skills. CRMS will be formally integrating my teaching method into their curriculum. In exchange for the closely guarded goods, they will help me refine the method. It’s a good deal for everyone — and a big step for science and art of mountain bike instruction.

I started teaching because I want to create a universal mountain bike curriculum. Well my friends, we are getting there!

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Rob says:


    We teach / coach in other sports (skiing, snow boarding, hockey, baseball, etc), but it seems to me that cycling – mtb is left out. In my opinion the disciple needs teaching / coaching especially in djing, dh, 4x, etc (higher risk riding).

    We have baseball diomonds, soccer fields, hocky arens, but very little to no bmx tracks (Canada for sure), pump tacks, skill parks, what ever. Vey big underground scene.

    I guess the question is does mtb’g want to be mainstream??????

    Still waiting to hear about some Canadian Dates for your courses (Ontario not BC).

    Keep up the great work and all the best with the twins.


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