The power of words

Don’t just ride. Pin it!

I work with a guy named Chad Brown who played in the NFL for 15 years. Smart, interesting guy. Anyway, today Chad and I were working on a packet for our business clients, and we decided to call it the Closing Packet. As in closing the deal.

While Chad was rocking the NFL, he got a written schedule for each weekend. When he played for the Seahawks, the entry for 1 p.m. Sunday said:


When he played for the Steelers and Patriots, it said:


Next time you pencil in a mountain bike adventure, don’t settle for “ride.”

Pin it!

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  1. brett says:

    Tomorrow. Golden. Chimney/Apex/Enchanted Forest. SHRED.

    But seriously. This is important. No junk miles. Climb like you mean it and build fitness. Descend like an animal and build skills. Do it! Rock on Lee – thanks for keeping it (and us) real!

  2. Martyn says:

    Out yesterday in a downpour, just glad to be out there dialling my serviced suspension, Too much air but I wasn’t going to mess too much. Thought of your book and just pinned it on the really rock section. It worked a treat.

  3. Rob says:

    Mine is very simple – working on confidence – BELIEVE

    plastered on the stem. I remind my self of it sitting in the start gate.

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