Dial in your suspension with DirtLabs

Mike “Luby” Luebesmier has tons of experience with Fox, Rockshox, Manitou, Marzocchi and Maverick forks and shocks. His suspension tuning company, DirtLabs, dials in all kinds of suspension.

If you need some suspension love, give Luby a try.

About DirtLabs
Luby’s suspension focus started in 2004 at the Shock Treatment Center in Minneapolis. In 2006 Luby went to work for Maverick, where he worked directly under Maverick and Rock Shox founder Paul Turner and head machinist and engineer Frank Vogel doing suspension builds, repairs and tunes. His additional R&D experience gave him a deep knowledge of suspension and suspension tuning.

DirtLabs is next to The Fix in the Maverick building in Boulder, CO. With dirt jumps right out the door and sweet trails close by, Luby is always testing and refining.

Luby has been working on my Fox forks. He’s conscientious and quick.

To get dialed:

Email me using this link.

I’ll send you a DirtLabs suspension form asap. Fill in the form and send your fork/shock to Luby. He’ll set you up.


— Lee


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