Flat pedals, shoes and bike shop?

Hi Lee,

I just read over Pump Up the Base and am fired up to get going. In particular, I had been thinking of giving flat pedals a try for a while, and this is a great excuse to do so. Do you have a type of flat pedal and flat pedal shoes you’d recommend, or are they all pretty similar?

Lastly, is there a local bike shop that you’d recommend for shoes and pedals. I find most shops are real good with bikes and parts, but there’s not a lot of expertise with shoes out there. I’ve got weird feet and need more help than most. Thanks for you your help, and thanks for the REVO referral. I’ll be giving them a call soon.


Dave Farrell

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Thumbs, EMG, dead lifts and box jumps at REVO

Last fall my orthopedist said he will eventually replace my flesh shoulder with a metal one. In the meantime, some brilliant physiotherapists and trainers have helped me function better and ride stronger.

The three sharpest people from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine have recently opened their own facility: REVO Physiotherapy & Sports Performance in Boulder, CO (on 29th St. next to Panera).

REVO is the official “Keep Your Shoulder For A While and Kick Some Ass While You’re At It” sponsor of Lee Likes Bikes. See what they do:

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