BMX rhythm slalom

I’ve been coaching Terminal Velocity Racing, a new developmental team mainly comprised of monkeys from The Fix Junior Team.

Yesterday morning we wanted to rock some BMX, but the Dacono BMX track was unrideable except for the main rhythm section. What to do? BMX Rhythm Slalom!

This is a great exercise. It teaches pumping. It teaches cornering. It teaches pedaling. It teaches pumping while cornering and pedaling.

Martin rocks his brand new P.2.

Brendan enjoys a light moment.

Luke is building a berm of his own.

Matt: low and pinned.

BMX Slalom Train. All aboard!

Me, fixin’ to pump the back of this roller.

As I pass the cone, I’ve already finished my turn. I’ve pulled over the front of this roller, and I’m about to squash the back of it. Braaap!

Check out this video of Mike Howse and Matt Fisher ripping the same drill at Longmont BMX, circa April 2005: 2MB Quicktime

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