BMX or MX for MTB?

Dear Lee,

I would like your opinion on what would help increase ability and eventually speed on a mountain bike. MX or BMX? I wish I had the time and money for both but I’m a poor college kid who spends the majority of the time racing MTB instead of doing homework. Moto would be more expensive but I’m more curious about which would make you a better rider in a quicker amount of time. Or which would make you learn better technique if done properly.

Thanks for your time, I love your books too.


Now that is a great question. It’s like asking whether I want coffee in the morning or chocolate at night. I have to choose?


Both BMX and MX are fun and good for you, but if you have to choose …

BMX when you’re young

1) It costs less, and you can do it any day.

2) There’s no better way to hone the nuances of bike fu. Balance, range of motion, timing, all the good stuff. Have you noticed every BMXer can shred a mountain bike? It doesn’t work the other way, does it?

MX later on

1) You’ll have more time and, hopefully, money.

2) Nothing prepares you for speed and gnar like moto. Once you have solid bike skills and fitness, the moto will be a great way to extend your speed vision, ride huge shapes and withstand physical punishment.

The ultimate rider combines aspects of BMX, MTB, road, gym and MX. Brian Lopes style.

I gave up the motos when my girls arrived. Soon we’ll be doing BMX together. Full circle.

Have fun!

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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