Aggro clinic: stoked rider

Four riders joined me yesterday for an “aggro” clinic at The Fix in Boulder. We started with position, then we dove into manuals, hops, drops and pump. Tyler was stoked:

Hi Lee

Today was just awesome, my mind has been buzzing since then….I have long coveted the ability to do a bunnyhop and manual, today was my first sensation of doing this at least halfway properly, I will probably have trouble sleeping tonight! I feel like a door has been opened or a veil has been lifted to a new realm of biking…..

OK, now I’m sounding a bit obsessed. Great instructing, thanks for the critique and encouragement, this will re-energize my rides and practice for some time to come. Maybe see you at the trail riding session if things work out.


Right on Tyler!

Everyone: This Saturday’s aggro clinic is wide open.

What have you been wanting to do on your bike? Let’s get it on!

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Skills clinics with Lee

— Lee

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