20×60 pump track?

Just read the article in the Aug. Mt Bike Action and was wondering if my yard would be big enough to build a pump track. It is 20″ by 60″… I could build the berms out of 2*4 and plywood (I’ve built halfpipes and bowls) My yard would be perfect for a ramp but as I’m 36 I just want something a bit tamer and more applicable. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Andy Small

Hey Andy,

You could so a sweet oval with a crossover. The crossover gives you eight line options (the outside loop, each mini loop and figure eights — in both directions) … Pretty cool.

Check out my track. You could do a narrow version. Be warned: 180-degree turns make it tough to carry speed.



Good luck!

BTW, I’m working on a pump track ebook. It’ll have plans and dimensions.

— Lee

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