A sweet pump sesh at my house

Two developments:

1. The infield has been flag-stoned — Better Homes & Pump Tracks baby!

2. We had quite the crew — assorted beginners, sports, experts and pros; a former Czech national champion; and a current world champion.

Our bro’ Yosei Ikeda took lots of pictures. And now, in alphabetical order:

Brian Lopes is in town to see his friend Ernesto and set up a track for the Jeep King of the Mountain Race in Vail.

As you might expect, he was ripping it pretty good.

Fast and low, low and fast.

Factory Clay Watson with the crossover approach.

Partial cast list: Bobbi, Petr, Grant, Ryan, Jon, Clay.

Dylan is the manual master.

Evan’s intense like a Wolverine.

James cuts through the yard — and a throng of fans.

Out of the berm and over the tricky little double-table. Sweet style.

There it is.

Everything about Joey’s turn is tight and right — except for that tuft of hair.

Joey rips the Patio Straight while Hershey plans his next move — usually onto the track.

That Jon Watt — I’ll tell you what.

Waaatt Waaaaaatt Waaaaaaaaatt!!!

Super low, looking where he wants to go, letting his bike follow the high line.

To nail this transition, you have to pump this berm VERY hard.

I’m supposed to be on a Caribbean island right now. But with this in your yard, why travel?

Lopes takes careful notes.

Have I mentioned the P.1 rips? This is probably the best dollar-to-fun ratio in the sport.

Petr Hanak, shortly before his axle snapped.

Petr rocks my SX. Funny: That bike does things with him that it won’t do with me.

Zach is the newest member of our merry band, and he’s learning to rip like a champ.
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  1. patrik says:

    damn, seems like i came through town a little on the late side….damn those drives from portland to denver….

  2. Al says:

    We need to build one of these in Orange County. The problem is there is not a whole lot of land that hasn’t been turned into a strip mall.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Al, just lease a shop space in South Coast Plaza and build an indoor pump facility. That’ll totally pay for itself — NOT!!!

  4. Grant says:

    I think in the photo with the caption “Lopes takes careful notes”, he’s actually trying to figure out where the creak on your bike is coming from! Anyway, thanks a bunch for the invite to your house for the rip session. I had a blast although I worked by broken ribs a little too hard.

  5. runnin12s says:

    Help!!!, I’ve been trying to perfect this whole pumptrack thing here in the northeast. I can’t quite get the concept of the “jumps” I cannot get the distances right or something, I am an expert level mountain-x racer, BMX racer, Downhill racer, Freerider, x-country racer and dirt jumper so it should come naturally but the rollers are all sending me all wrong, the area I’m trying to develope is approx. 50 x 70 feet and the best luck I’ve had with jumps but still not working out is about 2 ft high, slight lip @ 40-50 deg. on front side, overall 4-5 ft length with progressive downside @ 20-30 deg. beginning about 6 inches after said lip. I follow this with another identical approx 8 feet middle of jump to middle of jump (approx. 1 – 1.5 bike lengths on flat between jumps), Am I trying to develope to large of a track to flow? like I said Help!!!!!

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