Hill for dual slalom?

Hey Lee,

I’m looking to get started building a Dual Slalom course. I obviously have a hill in mind but I’m not sure how tall or steep it needs to be.

What do you know about Dual Slalom courses as far as hill height and grade is concerned? Any help is appreciated.


The Sea Otter slalom, 2004.

Hi Brock.

You can work with pretty much any hill. Most slaloms are 30-40 seconds long. At 15-20 mph average, you’re looking at a length of about 200-300 yards.

If it’s steep (say 10+%) criss-cross the hill and use tight turns to control the speed. If it’s flat (2-5%), make it more straight so you can go fast. Most courses do a combination: Sea Otter starts flat and straight, gets steep and curvy, then gets flat and straight again.


— Lee

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