Women-only Level 1 MTB classes at Valmont Bike Park

Hi everyone!

In the past I’ve never offered public women-only classes.


1. I work with people, not genders.

2. Gender does not determine how you ride or learn. I’ve taught more than 5,000 people at all levels, ages and genders. Contrary to stereotypes, some men are too timid and some women are too careless. I teach people, not genders.

3. Other women’s classes I’ve seen seem like watered down rah-rah sessions rather than actual instruction. If you want to go have fun with your friends, do it! If you want to learn how to Ride and Live better, come to an LLB class.

4. Well more than half of my clients, especially in private and semi-private groups, are women. I never saw a need to exclude the other gender.

However, something special happens when a group of women joins in a spirit of shared shred, and there’s no doubt that a female coach can reach female riders in ways I can’t. I felt this the last time Amy Shenton co-coached a large group of women from a local club. Something magic was happening. And we want to make more magic.


We are now offering women-only classes!

Learn More and Sign Up at EventBrite >>>

Amy is teaching classes April 18, April 25 and May 2. If there’s demand we’ll add more.

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