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Hi Lee
I just finished reading your book “Mastering mountainbike skills 2nd ed” Great read. My first ride after reading about attack position was way better than ever b4. In the attack position does it matter which foot is in front and which foot is in the back? For youe buyer demographics I am a 48 year old married dude who likes to rip it. I bought the book at a local Chapters store.
David V
Lethbridge Alberta CANADA eh

Some left-foot forward action from 2002. Ha, I’m still wearing that Trail Head Cyclery jersey.

Hey David,

I’m stoked you like the book. When I follow that advice I ride better too!

Short answer:

No, it doesn’t matter which foot is forward. Most people ride left-foot forward. If you can execute the core skills consistently with one foot forward, that’s awesome. Do whatever feels right.

Long answer:

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to ride with either foot forward.

– You can sneak in some half-cranks. Great for speed and flow.

– You never know where your feet will end up, especially in techy/pedaly sections. If you’re comfortable either way, that opens up more possibilities for you.

– Open/slalomy turns are better — subtly but noticeably — with your inside foot forward. Left turn, left foot forward. Right turn, right foot forward. (If I need to set hard edges, I drop my outside foot. If I’m pumping more open/slalomy turns, I keep my pedals pretty much level.) Lately I’ve been taking most corners with my inside foot forward, and it feels great.


I am most comfortable with my left foot forward, but I’m trying to become more balanced. The pump track has really helped: My fave workout is 10 laps counterclockwise with left foot forward, 10 laps clockwise with right foot forward, repeat for 100 laps.

After a couple years of that action, I find myself riding trail with either foot forward depending on the situation. I am railing right turns harder, and I’m incorporating half-cranks into my transitions. It feels great.

I’m still better with my left foot forward, and it will always be my default.

My advice: Master the core skills with your dominant foot, then start experimenting with the other.

Braaap! eh

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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