What size Ibis Ripmo should I ride?

Today a RideLogic bike setup client reached out wondering which size Ibis Ripmo to buy. I did a fit for his Mojo HD3 a while back — and he loves it — so I have good numbers for him. 

The results:

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The small Ripmo and the large HD3 have the same 431mm reach! 

In our RideLogic world, we usually pick frames based on reach.

So … If you like the setup of your large HD3 … get a small Ripmo.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But this system works really well, and it’s been tested more than 1,000 times on all sorts of riders. 

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This isn’t just about the Ibis Ripmo!

Modern bikes are getting longer. People are not. Many of you would be smart to go down a size (or even two sizes) next time you buy a bike. Full details at the  Likes Bikes MTB School.

Plan thrice. Measure twice. Have fun!


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  1. Slim says:

    “Modern bikes are getting longer. People are not. Many of you would be smart to go down a size (or even two sizes) next time you buy a bike“
    Or not.
    My old bike (2012 Stumpy) had a reach of 466, And a 90mm stem. Modern slack bikes handle best with short stems, let’s say 50mm.
    To get the same reach, the new bike should have a reach of 506mm, no growing needed on the part of humans!

      • Slim says:

        Well, I didnt’ do the RideLogic back then of course, but when I do it now, I am perfect with a 520mm reach and 50mm stem, which is similar in combined reach to my old XL Stumpy with a super long stem.

        I agree that even 10 years ago, I was putting short stems on my wife’s bike.
        I think that “old” bikes used to be to tall for short people and to short for tall people. There simply wasn’t enough difference between a S and an XL.

        For example, the difference between a 2012 Stumpy size S and size XXL is only 82mm in reach!

        So I agree that small bikes have been getting longer than is good for their (intended)riders, but big bikes should actually still become even bigger!

  2. KURT SANABRIA says:

    In my opinion bikes are getting longer because people is getting more commit and faster and riding steeper and technical things, so you need a longer bike to be more stable, if you trust technology go with it and get the benefits, if not you can down a size or two like LEEbikes is suggesting and not get the benefits of the cycle technology evolution. I think this is one of the main reasons why 29ers and longer bikes are getting more popular this days!! Longer and 29ers = (faster, stable and safer bikes).

    • Lee says:

      Thank you for that insight! I agree that people who fully pin it and have great bike control can take advantage of the new geo.


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