Team CRC-Mavic’s riding positions

It’s been said the Sam Hill has an upright riding style, and that he doesn’t follow the “hinge low and stay low” rules.

I agree. To my eye, Sam gets his shoulders as low as he has to — and no lower. You often see this practice in top riders. It saves energy and, I think, gives riders a better view of the trail.

Be warned: You can only ride like this when you have a total command of your riding positions — and when you can get low in an instant.

The below video shows Sam and his teammates riding a variety of natural trails. They’re racing, so you’re watching their instinctual/preferred/optimal riding styles.

0:52– A rather low hinge as he works down this ledgy section. His hinge is moderate the rest of the way.

1:00– Nice, quick hinge to anti-row off a ledge. It’s so quick it’s easy to miss.

1:03– Moderate hinge down the section. No huge angles to make.

1:24– This is rad! Watch Kelan Grant squash low to make this tight, downhill turn.

1:58– Sickness! Sam passes through a low hinge across this ledge. He doesn’t camp out in this position, but he sure knows how to be here when he needs to!

I’m no Sam Hill, but I find myself riding more like this. As my RipRowpatterns a nice, elliptical pumping pattern into my body, I no longer stay in a static, low, attack position. These days I’m more playful. More expressive. More efficient. And when I need to get low — I get low!

How are you doing out there?


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