Light before the corner, heavy in the corner

Get a few elite riders, build some berms at the bottom of a steep hill, remove the brakes, see who can start highest on the hill without crashing. 

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! But do watch the GMBN video: 

1) It’s fun to watch pro riders be afraid — and yet execute. #onereasontheyarepro

2) You can see this on everyone, but it’s most obvious with Brendan Fairclough. Notice how they get light before the turn then get very heavy — braaap! — in the turn. This gives them traction and control. 

This is a smart habit to practice on all turns. This way, when you reach a crazy turn and you can’t use your brakes, the skill is there for you.

A safer version of this challenge is the French turning drill. Find a downhill with a corner at the bottom. The corner should have an uphill exit. See who can coast the highest after the corner. That’s a good indication of exit speed. Feel free to brake.

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