What happened to bar ends?

Hello Lee,

I just started reading your MTB skills book. Awesome read! Only a few chapters in and have learned many new techniques. One of my favorites is the brake lever position. I moved mine as you recommended and WOW what a differance. So much better leverage and control.

Anyway, I do have one question for you. I bought a new Giant Talon last year coming off an old Hardrock(2002). I had bar ends on the HR and thought why not put them on the Talon as well. I always like to have the alternate hand position.

Today reading your book, I see no mention of them nor any pics of them. What is your recommendation? Did they go out with the ’90s?!?! 🙂



Hey Brandon!

I still have my original Onza bar ends. I rocked those bad boys for at least 10 years.

Bar ends sure have fallen out of fashion, but they deliver real benefits:

• If your bar ends curve inward, you can protect your hands from trees and such.

• Additional hand positions, including the comfy palms-facing-each-other position like on road bike hoods. Twenty years ago, it was all about replicating your road position on your mountain bike.

• THE BIG ONE: You can run a short stem for awesome handling, yet get extra extension for extended pedaling. As a matter of fact, I recently saw Yeti Super D honch Mike West cruising through Boulder on a training ride. He was running a shortish cockpit with bar ends.

I occasionally think about re-installing my Onzas, but I like having my hands at full bar width. Maybe with these new crazy-wide bars, I can keep my hands the same distance apart and attach some ’90s glory to the ends.

But I’m not in any rush: I’ve learned to climb with a shorter cockpit, as have many of you.

If you like bar ends, rock ’em proudly. With your day-glo pink helmet cover.



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