Training for Red Bull Crashed Ice

If you’ve seen any of the Red Bull Crashed Ice events — imagine 4X on hockey skates down an ice track of doom — you’ve probably thought 1) rad! and 2) how do they train for this?

Well, it turns out pump tracks and bike parks are perfect. Pump is pump. Ripping is ripping. Kung fu is kung fu.

Yesterday at Valmont Bike park I met Reed Whiting, a Crashed Ice competitor from Minnesota, and I started teaching him the kung fu of pump. (In Crashed Ice, the guys who know pump have a huge advantage.) After a short time, Reed was making his way down the dual slalom and rocking the large slopestyle. Super impressive.

Reed and I are planning a more in-depth kung fu session next week. I want him to find the sine wave of love. Stay tuned.

Reed Whiting

Learn more about Red Bull Crashed Ice.

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