The Stumpy Gate

hey lee!

i read your short article about that selfmade gate. here is another great gate everybody can make with a bit of wood and a piece of string… in bmx and (since a coupla years in 4x here in europe too) people build themselves stumpy gates for practicing.

this ingenious wooden gate was invented by stumpy (pro bmx racer) like 10+ years ago or so. the cool thing about it is, you get a very real feel, and you can practice without help.

loads of pro bmx racers have one like that in the shed and still practice with it on a daily basis.

i would have added a picture to this mail but i cant figure out how to… so here is a link where to find stuff:

interview with stumpy bout it:

someone who put a lot of work into it and made it of metal:

this is the description of how to build it on my friends website. scroll down a bit. you will know what picture to click:

well i think that should do. if you need more info there is loads on the net if you google for stumpygate…

well, hope you like it.

Dave, right on.

Keith Darner out in Nathrop, CO has something like this for his Yeti-RPM team.

OK riders, let’s set ’em up …

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  1. Justin Brown says:

    I have one of those “Stumpy” wooden gates and it’s the Shizzle, as the saying goes. I can practice for hours on my own. I highly advise anyone that is interested in getting better gates to build one, buy one, or borrow one.

  2. theff says:

    HEY I have been getting back into training, i had to take about 3 and a half weeks off due to bike troubles. i am verry intrested in getting into 4x, but i have no idea what to do at the gates, can someone help me like tell me what i am supposed to do. i think i might get a stumpy gate when i learn what to do

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