The morning after my first RipRow workout: my hamstrings!

The morning after.. my hamstrings are tight and I walk funny. Usually when I do a bend over stretch i can put my palms on the floor, today I barely make it to the floor.

Should I have stretched more or less or differently? Ironically, regarding the one stretch I do most regularly (bending over) I just found an article saying it’s bad.




I’m stoked you received your RipRow. Thanks for reaching out.

RipRow uses a lot of hamstrings, both in terms of mobility and workload. If you feel your hamstrings after a workout, that’s good. But it sounds like you did too much.

Start and end each workout with slow shredlifts. Keep your torso locked (no bending of the back) and gradually ease into your hamstrings until you achieve full range.

Bending over like in that article doesn’t work well for me. In my opinion, you will be better served by practicing your hip hinge. The hinge underlies many human activities, including mountain biking. When you shred lift, you’re hinging. Keep your core locked. No bending of the back.

I hope this helps,


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