Telescopic seatpost for a DJ hardtail

Our man Kirk, a longtime lurker, bought a P.2 and wants to rock it for trails. He needs a longer seatpost, that’s for sure.

Hi Lee,

I have been a lurker of your site for a long time. Bought your pump track book and the Mastering MB Skills book (2 copies). Built two pump tracks. Your advice rocks!

I was riding a Kona Shred which was a very solid ride, with good geometry for both dirt jumping and trail. When it came time to upgrade I decided on a cro-mo Specialized P2 Long/Large. I know you have raved about the P Bikes being pretty good all around bike for DJ, pump track, and even a little trail riding. My question is about the trail riding. I know they are not a cross country machine, but the geometry is such that my knees are nearly hitting me in the chest even with the seat tube fully extended to the min insertion point. I am 6′ 1”. I didn’t expect to get as good of leg extension as I did on the Shred (full leg extension), but I am not even close.

Any suggestions? Can I rock a longer seat tube on trail rides with climbs, and then the stock seat tube for park/street?

I live in Utah and our trails are basically all out-and-backs. All up hill on the way out, all down hill on the way back.


Logan, UT

Titec ‘Scoper Prolite 30.9 x 450mm Black

Hey Kirk,

Right on! You will love your Mighty It’s a great all-season, all-reason machine.

On my P.3 I rock a cheapo 350mm seatpost. That bike has a straight seat tube, and I’m only 5’9″, so I get all the adjustment I need. But it looks like your P.2 has a bent seat tube, plus you’re tall, so we need to be more clever.

Two posts would work, but 1) I doubt you can find an inexpensive one that’s long enough for you and 2) what if you find some sweet jumps on your next trail ride? Life is too short to have a seat up in your business.

Go telescopic
Titec makes a telescopic seatpost called the ‘Scoper. It’s basically a seatpost within a seatpost, and it only costs about $60. I ran its predecessor on a 2002 BigHit, and I was able to get full XC extension plus full DH lowness.

The 30.9 x 450mm model allows up to 12 inches of vertical adjustment. That should be plenty. Get that post and rock it all seasons, for all reasons.

Don’t forget tires
The stock Rhythm Lite Control tires are excellent for DJ/pump/park and other hardpacked situations, but they’re a bit smooth for all-around trail riding.

To make your P.2 a true do-all bike, you need tires that 1) balance fast rolling and good grip and 2) stand up to high-G corners.

My current favorite is the Specialized Eskar. A classic is the WTB 2.4 Mutano Raptor. And let’s not forget the extra-blingy Geax Saguaro with white sidewall.

Have fun!

— Lee

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