It appears the World Championship of Lyons Endurance Pump has a new owner. I think it’s about time we solidify the protocol and make this official.

Read more for David’s new P.R. and my new proposed world standard.

David Rahbany’s effort this morning at Lyons pump:

Start timer.
10 laps counter-clockwise, goofy-footed.
Stop timer.
60 seconds rest.
Start timer.
10 laps clockwise, regular.
Stop timer
60 seconds rest.
Repeat five times.

100 laps: 23 minutes 39 seconds
3.3 miles
Avg Speed: 8.42 MPH
Max Speed: 10.62 MPH
Avg HR: 153
Max HR: 173

Spec. P.1
Garmin Forerunner 305

— — —

In other Endurance Pump news
At the Gamut pump track in NorCal, pro DHer Curtis Keene reportedly did 171 laps nonstop.

New world standard?

Impressive. I like how Will MacDonald includes rest in his time. I’m thinking the new protocol should be:

– Start the timer.
– Ride 100 laps. 10 one way, 10 the other.
– Stop the timer.

Resting (or not) is up to you.

You decide whether it’s faster to ride, rest repeat or ride 100 laps continuously.

Brutal? Yes. Worth trying? Heck yeah!

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