Cornering, MMBS style

Hi Lee,
I was in a local short course type XC race yesterday and aside from getting gassed on an uphill section I realized I wasn’t handling the corners well at all. I was spending the night in a hotel and had thought to bring along my Mastering Mountain Bike Skills book so I pulled it out and studied the section on cornering. I identified that the two main pieces messing me up were when I was braking and the line I was choosing. In today’s longer XC race I focused on those two aspects as I cornered and it made a HUGE difference. Thanks for putting together such a user friendly book!

Right on Karmen!

Thanks for the kind words. I’m super glad MMBS is helping you. That book was BRUTAL to write and illustrate. I actually stressed myself into a case of the shingles (the most intense pain ever; even more than a broken clavicle, and it lasted for weeks).

MMBSii is in process, and it it’s much more refined, especially when it comes to the core skills. And, so far, no shingles.


— Lee

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