Teaching last week in Marin

Student/ripper Christopher Kelly sent these photos from clinics he attended last week in Marin. Thanks dude.

Friday – private ripper sesh

I met seven strong riders for skills/drills and on-trail application. Check out Christopher’s blog post about our adventure.

The crazier the situation, the more important your attack position.

By getting this low, you can roll off a drop that’s as high as your arms are long — without your head noticing the fall. Check out Minimizing a ledge.

Counterintuitive: The steeper and quicker the drop, the more aggressive you have to be with the front end.

We spent some time on line choice. Straight over this root and into the entrance of the next turn. Looking at the turn after that.

On Saturday Curtis Keene and I taught a group in San Jose. I should be getting photos soon.

Sunday – NorCal high school MTB coach training
On Sunday I gave my skills presentation to a bunch of NorCal high school riders and coaches. Curtis and I rocked drills with the coaches, then the coaches and I went for a sloppy ride. These guys rip. Pretty awesome.

Looks like I’m talking about braking technique. That wet dirt gave great traction and told the full story of your deceleration.

We hit all the essential corning skills. I show how it’s done (at least by me) on Captain America.

Adam and crew killed the slalom. So much they left embryonic berms. You can see Curtis’ smile. He gets just as stoked as the riders.

The key to technical climbing (or any climbing) is shifting forward to stay balanced on your feet. Captain America!

Thanks again to Christopher for the photos, and to everyone I got to ride with.


— Lee

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