10 seconds of fun: BMX starts on the trainer

My two-week California building/teaching trip was awesome, but I’m strangely happy to be back on the trainer. I think they call it Stockholm syndrome.

Next time you’re on the trainer, try this action:

Warm up. Or not.

Do your normal workout. Or not.

Last night I did my normal 5×10 minutes at threshold power, with a different focus for each set. In the last set:

BMX start madness!

1. If you want to master this pedaling stuff, use flat pedals.

2. Choose a gear that simulates a BMX start. On a road or mountain bike, you want a 2:1 ratio. For my S-Works Tricross that’s the 34×17.

BTW: Good thing my LeMond Revolution trainer very accurately replicates acceleration and wind resistance. (How’d you like that plug? Thanks for the trainer, you guys).

3. From a dead stop, assume your stand-start position and pin it as hard/fast as you can for 10 seconds. Count your revs.

4. Spin easy for as long as you need. Try to spin faster next time. Repeat until your revs start to drop.

5. Cool down. Or not.

Last night I was turning 27 revs in 10 seconds, which calculates to an average cadence of 160 rpm.

Give it a try. Try to improve your initial acceleration then your top speed. Try not to crash. Tell us how it goes.

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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